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Why Smile Lines Nail Spa VS any other local Nail Salon?

Did you know that in Ontario, there are no standards or licencing requirements for Nail Technicians or Nail Salons?  There is no training what so ever that is mandatory in order to become a Nail Technician or even open a Nail Salon!


This makes me wonder how sanitary things are and if treatments are being done correctly and safely if professional training is not taken.  Diseases are being spread and clients are getting injured at places no certified.


There are health risks to both you as a consumer and myself as a Nail Technician and if I wasn’t professionally trained in both the skills as a Nail Technician or in the updated requirements of Sanitization, disinfection and sterilization….what could happen to you is unthinkable to say the least.



How does Smile Lines differentiate from other Nail Salons?


My education has been consistent and by reputable companies and manufacturers in the industry. I AM a CERTIFIED ADVANCED NAIL TECHNICIAN. My basic certification trained me on how to properly do Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Nails, diseases and disorders and Disinfection. My Advanced Certification gave me further knowledge on Sterilization, advanced Diseases and Disorders which allows me to work on ‘at-risk’ clients with autoimmune disorders. 


Additionally I’m a member of online national and international groups of Nail Technicians which also include leaders of the industry and educators sharing resources and support.  I’m constantly seeking further education keeping my knowledge up to date and keeping you SAFE! 



I am your Certified Advanced Nail Technician.  I work from my home offering you a professional atmosphere, customer service and professional training. 


I have earned the following Certifications:

  • Certified Nail Designer, UV Gel, Manicures and Pedicures, 1998

  • Certified Advanced Nail Technician, 2013 - The FIRST in Ontario! and the ONLY in Peterborough which allows me to work with at-risk clients with auto-immune disorders

  • CND Skill Building Class, 2013

  • 35+ certificates acquired through an industry magazine on individual related subjects 1998- present


These certifications also include training on diseases and disorders as well as sanitization, disinfection and sterilization.


In addition to my certifications, I am naturally creative and artistic.  With this talent I offer you personalized nail art that is hand painted and could also include embellishments’ such as crystals, and 3D art.


Ensuring top quality service for my clients utilizing safe procedures through professional training is the most important achievement I can provide to you.


Quality of Products

All gel products are non-yellowing, hypoallergenic, odourless  and will NOT damage your natural nails!  Only untrained Nail Technicians or consumers damage the natural nail. I include consumers because of the incorrect way they try to remove them, pick at them, peel them etc. is damaging to the natural nail. 


The products I choose are from award winning companies, top leaders in the industry world wide and who stand for quality such as Light Elegance  and CND.  There are no substandard products.


Pain-Free Service

Getting your nail enhancements and manicures should NEVER hurt in any way what so ever!!!!  Don’t just think, ‘oh that’s the norm’. Skin should not be punctured, e-files should be used correctly and will not cause any damage to your natural nail or the skin around it. When they are removed, they are done properly, causing no pain or damage to your nail by ripping them off, unlike many other salons.  Your experience should be pleasurable, and will be at Smile Lines.


I absolutely LOVE what I do…..NAILS.  I enjoy my time with you.  You are NOT JUST A NUMBER sitting across from me whom I’m trying to get in and out as fast as I can. I speak to you, listen to you, educate you and relax you.  Many of my clients say how they could just fall asleep during their services. Not many women get “me time”, but you do at Smile Lines.


Your services are personalized according to your needs and likes.  If you are an at-risk client with Diabetes for example, your doctors permission may be required or informed of your services.  Special techniques and precautions are required and I want you to be safe and feel safe while visiting Smile Lines.


Sanitation & Disinfection

The hygiene standards are very important, not only for you but for me too; unlike many Nail Salons.  Nail files are one-use only items and given to you at the end of your service or thrown away.  Other metal implements are sanitized and disinfected after each and every client. The Ontario Board of Health requires us to use a disinfectant called Preempt which is what I use. 


Educating You

I believe in providing you the best possible service. In doing that, means you need to be educated as well.  Know what to look for, what is right and wrong, how to care for your hands, disinfection etc.


When you visit, I’ll have a consultation with you after reading your client profile that you will fill out on your first visit. Learning about you, your health requirements, lifestyle requirements and your  goals, I will help you choose the best service option that is right for you.  From there, I will explain about the service and the products used. You will not be given any false information and you will know what you are wearing and what steps of the service you are having done and why. 


Often times people inform me, they have no idea what is on thier nails.  Or they say “gel” but really they have ‘acrylic’ because that’s what the “nail salon” told her she had, and charged her for it but gave her a different product!!!! 


Be educated, it’s for your own good! Ask questions if there’s something you are unsure about or want to learn more about. You should be knowledgeable in what you are doing to your body.


I don’t believe in “selling to you” everything I have to offer. I will only recommend what I think is truly best for you and/or your condition to help improve and give you the best looking hands and feet.  You will find that my retail doesn’t have a little bit of everything, but a few things of the necessities required for optimal hand and foot care. I’m a Nail Technician, I specialize in hands ……so does my retail.


This is my difference.


Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself and my business.  I hope this has been informative and will help you make an educated choice in your next Nail Salon.  I look forward to seeing you soon!


Karyn Sicker, C-ANT






Karyn Sicker, ANT-C

Jump for joy as many women have done, in celebration of beautiful, healthy hands and feet at Smile Lines.

Many naturally think of your "smile line" as being on your face.


"Smile lines" in the nail industry is where your free edge starts from your nailbed or "quick" area. When doing a french nail, it's always best to ensure you have a perfect "smile line". 


I've always loved, great looking "smile lines" and that is how I came up with my business name:


Smile Lines


...but I wouldn't be upset if my clients left with Smile Lines on their face either.

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