FAQ About your Nails 

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions and or myths about nails, hands and feet.  Please keep in mind I am a Certified Advanced Nail Technician and NOT a Doctor; I cannot diagnose.  I am trained to recognize and determine if I can proceed with the service, alter it or refer to your doctor.  If you find your question is not answered here, send me an email and I'll do my best to answer it.  If I can't, I'll refer you to someone who can.

I'm a nail biter and I pick at my nails. My nails aren't worthy of a manicure, so why bother?

This is a perfect reason to get a manicure.  When you see how nice your nails can look, it can resist the temptation to bite; you won't want to ruin their appearance!  Another option is getting a gel overlay.  There is a very high success rate of stopping when using this application.  Why?  You are less likly to ruin something you spent money on and you are inspired by having nice nails.

My nails break so easily, especially when they just get to the point of looking good.  I just can't grow them!  What can I do?


I would first recommend a consultation and learn about how you use your hands, health history, taking a look at your nails then offer the best solution that's suitable to your lifestyle. Many times, there is an answer and clients are leaving stating "oh I just love them!" With today's options, you can find what is right for you after learning about your options.
My nails are brittle.  What can I do?

This could be from a variety of reasons including diet, illness, stress or even medication causing the nail to become dehydrated.  Your main goal is to hydrate the nail and nourish it back into a healthy state.  With the use of cuticle oil on a daily basis, hydrating the cuticle area is optimal because that's where your nail begins to grow then continuing to rub your nails as well during this process. When you keep your cuticle healthy and hydrated it promotes healthy nail growth. Cuticle oils help protect the nail plate from water which dries your nails.

How long should a manicure last?

It depends on what type of manicure you get.  With today's new technology with the options of colour, it can range from 1 week to 3 weeks.  If you like just a plain manicure with no polish or just clear, you can go 1-2 weeks before you'll require cuticle work and reshaping. If you like to polish your nails, depending on your lifestlye, you can get 2-3 weeks!  There are different products out now that allows you to enjoy colour for more than just a few days.

My Nails are peeling and weak. What can I do?

Most cases it's due to your hands being in water a lot.  Keep your nails out of the water as much as possible. Wear gloves when doing dishes, bathing your child and cleaning. The nail plate swells when soaked in water and shrinks when dries causing microscopic fissures in the free edge and then they peel, chip and break.  Using a cuticle/nail oil daily will help restore dry, brittle, weak and peeling nails.  Olive oil, and almond oil are best oils for penetrating the nail plate for optimal hydration of the nail plate.


What are the small white spots on my fingernails?

These are common and without looking at your fingers to tell for sure, this common question is generally what they call as "bruises" to your nail.  A minor hit to them can cause these.  They generally grow out as your nail grows. If you find they are not, please visit your family doctor for proper diagnosis.

Will calcium nail strengtheners or taking calcium make my nails stronger and healthier?

No.  Your nail is not made of calcium but a keratin which is a protein like your hair is.  Ensuring a healthy balanced diet will help.  A strengthener with keratin can possibly help. The main answer here is, adding calcium to your nails doesn't help with anything, it's a myth.

I've had gel and/or acrylic nails in the past and they ruined my nails. Why should I try again?  Don't they ruin my natural nail?

Neither acrylic or gel will damage your nails.  Having an untrained nail technician or trying to do it yourself  and doing it incorrectlly will!  This is one of many reasons you should ensure your nail tech is CERTIFIED and up to date! If the application, maintenance and removal is done CORRECTLY, you will not have any damage to your nails.  Gel nails can actually help to improve the health of your natural nail protecting them from biting, picking, excess moisture, cleaning chemicals etc. that can weaken or damage them. Think of them as a protective barrier. 

I've heard of "Shellac" nails, what is that?

CND Shellac is a name brand of a hybrid nail polish. It's a high quality polish that will not chip, or peel and lasts 2-3 weeks. It is cured under a UV lamp and must be removed professionally.  It's great for those who love polish and don't want to worry about it chipping!  There are other types of 'gel polish' as well that will last 3 weeks with the same effects. The correct term to use is 'gel polish' not 'shellac'.

If you have other questions you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to ask me.

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