When you first visit Smile Lines, you'll be asked to fill out a Client Profile. This ensures that I am aware of any health issues you may have, determine if the service can be performed and if any customization is required to accommodate your needs. If a physician's approval is required due to your medical condition, the appropriate steps will be required prior to service being offered. This is for the protection of your health and safety.


A professional hospital grade disinfection/chemosterilant called Accel is used for all implements, surfaces and footbaths.




“I love the gel polish! Really durable  and I'm hard on my nails.  They look great nad low maintenance!  Cant' wait to try all the colours.”










Beautiful nails reately come with no matinenance. Hang nails, dry brittle nails, peeling nails are all common issues I can help with.  Reward your hands and nails, especially if you work hard with them.  Avoid chips in polish by considering other options.  Verticle cracks in nails have solutions to look and feel better too.  After your consultation, let me help you with the effective maintenance that's right for you!

“For anyone who hasn't had the experience I would highly recommend stopping by and treating yourself.  I've had my nails done a number of times and many compliments on them.”


For more testimonials, read the reviews on my Genbook page by clicking the Book Now button above!

Gel Polish                                                                                                                $41
A permanent polish that lasts 2-3 weeks!  Great for someone who loves colour on their
natural nails.  No chipping, cracking or peelingIncludes a manicure. 
Gel Polish Removal                                                                                                $30
Professionally removed by properly soaking to ensure no damage to the natural nails.
Princess Manicure                                                                                                 $22
For the little princess 12 and under.  Cuticles, shaping, massage and polish.



Sweet Little Extras

Hand Painted Nail Art                                       Prices vary
Rhinestones or pearls                                      $.25 ea.
Swarovski Crystals                                            To be determined at visit
Stamping                                                            $1/stamp
Ombre                                                                $10
Chrome/Unicorn Nail Powder                        $10



Gel Nail Enhancements


Your gel nails will be designed and shaped to the way you like them whether it's short, long, square, oval etc.  After your initial consultation I will suggest what's suitable for your lifestyle, then you can make the final decision. 


Gel nails are my specialty.  They do NOT ruin your natural nail, an improper application and/or removal technique will. My professional training will ensure your nails are protected and the procedure is done correctly. You will be educated on gel nails and how to maintain them.  Whether you want them temporarily or something you would like to maintain indefinitely, either way it's your choice. The brand I choose is Light Elegance.


I do not use plastic tips to lengthen your nails, I sculpt the gel to the desired length and shape.  Many of my clients love this over tips,  but really it's just a personal preference.




Full Set Sculpted French or Coloured Gel Nails                                                $75

A beautiful white or coloured free edge is sculpted to add length and grow even longer

from this starting length.



Extreme Shape Full Set                                                                                         $85

A full set of sculpted french or coloured gel nails in the ballerina, coffin or stilletto shape.

French/Coloured Fills                                                                                            $46

Every three weeks your nails will need to be "filled" and re-balanced as they will

grow out and leave a space at the cuticle that needs filled and overall nail re-balanced

and shortened for optimal strength and overall appearance.             


Extreme Shape Fills                                                                                               $53

Same process as a regular fill but on Extreme Shape nails.



Overlay                                                                                                                     $60

Gel is applied over your nail at it's current length, no extension required. Excellent

for someone who wants to keep their nails on the shorter side. 


Nail Repair - outside appointment time                                                            $12/nail

Nail Repairs at appointment time - 2 free, thereafter are                              $5/nail

Gel Nail Removal                                                                                                    $35

Includes manicure. 


Acrylic Nail Removal                                                                                               $40

Includes manicure.



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